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Barbados Diary: Day 2: Tuesday 15th August 2006

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Barbados Diary: Day 2: Tuesday 15th August 2006
Bike – yeah man
I’ve decided to get a bike – despite all of the local advice – what am I am going to see from the back of a cab – if I sight a monkey from the back of a cab – well what do I DO about that? On my bike I can say hello – with predictable results! I can also go for a swim at 6 in the morning without having to have a taxi waiting for me. The big problem – that everyone has warned me of – is how to avoid getting my bike nicked. There are people here who are very poor – and a pair of wire cutters is cheaper than a new bike.
One of the things that I love about Barbados is the way that it perfectly illustrates how beautiful nature can be – and yet how brutal – in fact sometimes I think that the more beautiful it is the more brutal it can be. What could be more beautiful than a Bengal tiger? Nature seems pretty raw here.
When I mentioned to John that I needed so photocopies of the shield template, his brown eyes lit up – “you want me to get paper fir you?!” I would have felt the same way –stuck on a building site for a year – he said that he had the house in his head – and I totally believed him. That said I didn’t want to take the foreman of the case just for a few sheets of paper – it was yet another illustration of how I needed my own mode of transport and thereby get my independence.
My client kindly organised that the fridge should be well stocked for me. Some things are clearly meant for me: - I.e.: perishable stuff – others clearly are NOT – like Caesar salad dressing – I find the challenge – like green peppers Vs red tomatoes which we have on the TV in the UK. Fridges are magical things to me - Parkinson's Law states that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." I think that this also applies to fridges –this law could be called ‘Cole’s Law’ - whereby: “The amount of food in the fridge expands so as to fill the amount of days available (in my case 12) for its completion (emptying)”
It’s a real challenge to make different meals from these basic ingredients – far more difficult than trying to make ONE wonderful meal from them like on that programme – my personal brief is to make the food so kindly bought for me – now in the fridge - serve me all week. Of course the Wilson’s only intended the food to be a welcoming treat – meant to last one or two days only – but I take it as a challenge to NOT buy anything else throughout my stay.
My friend Philip commented on the fact that my Mexican diary got madder and madder – and I gradually lost the plot. I kinda like that and I’m already feeling the madness that loneliness brings with it, starting to kick in.


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