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Barbados Diary: Day 9: Tuesday 22th August 2006

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Barbados Diary: Day 9: Tuesday 22nd August 2006

Ryan was keen to see me when I arrived today – “Doren’t lokkit!” he pleaded and said that he wanted a ride. Softened, I decided that maybe I COULD let him have a go, but rather than just hand over my precious bike – I’d ask John to supervise. Fortunately for me, John was in business mood – and got strict with me “At twelve – o-clock you can GIVE him your bike, but right now he’s on my time!” err- fair enough – so that’s that sorted. The motto: “He who fights and runs away -, lives to fight another day” could almost have been written especially for me. I got out of more fights VERBALLY as a teenager than you could possibly imagine – I used to hang out with “those rough necks” as my mother called them – just to avoid getting my head flushed down the school loo – but that’s another story – God bless you Dartmouth Comprehensive – “show me a buoy” … etc. etc. (Actually I wrote “‘shoe’ me a man” then – by mistake – which is probably better – a bit like Larkin’s: “They TUCK you up your Mom and Dad” – bless! My daughter Mollie relishes these stories of childhood hardship and listens with disbelief - asking for more – as if I can just make them up on the spot – which I’m ashamed to admit, sometimes I do. To her eleven year old mind I don’t think that she can differentiate between the school bully Mr Bellingham (Head of languages!!! – say no more) and the marvellous Wackford Squires – with his one eye - when the popular consensus calls for two. (I’ll correct that later – hence no quotation marks) But now I come to think about it neither can I!

My bike has caused SO much attention that I should give him a name shouldn’t I? Well for starters he’s definitely male and likes to go fast – so maybe Sebastian is a god name – after Coe – but a might pretentious don’t you think? – People might think that I am referring to the effete character in Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Brideshead Revisited’ and I wouldn’t want that would I? So – any suggestions? I think his name should summon up images of someone slim, manly and macho – in sharp contrast to his mount!

Before I left, I said to my friend Andrew that I thought that 12 days on my own was along time. He replied that the first few days would slip by and soon it would be half way through and before I knew it, it would be time to come home – I shrugged this off – but it turns out that he was exactly right. These seasoned sailors know what they are talking about – ask Johnny Depp.

Diversion: “Shoe me a man” – makes me think of ‘the boot being on the other foot’ and ‘walking a mile in another man’s shoes’. I am in a privileged position as far as Ryan is concerned – I just decide that I want a bike and go and buy one. My defence is that they are cheap here – well cheaper than cars anyway and at least he has a job. I’m grateful to be protected by my position here – I wouldn’t want to have those same conversations with Ryan, off site and late at night - in the dark.

You can see pictures of my mosaics on my website:

The Barbados work is shown on page:


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